Hi, we Kofus-os
We provide technology services to companies and institutions as outsourcing.

You probably wondered what it is, in order to resolve your curiosity, just KEEP GOING...


Do you have too much work to do? You have a work, but do you consider how you will do it? Will the prices of your work be higher than its cost? Can't you find a qualified employee to get work done?
Don't worry, KOFUS-os is there for this!...

KOFUS-os ?

KOFUS-os has been established with the aim of supporting the firms for the biggest difficulties of the sector such as the difficulties of finding and retaining qualified personnel, high cost of doing business / getting work done, difficulties in business management and control, difficulties in running technical staff for the companies whose main business is marketing etc ...
KOFUS-os, whose main business is providing outsource service, provides support for projects of companies or external tendering projects of companies with the support of qualified personnel inside and outside of the country. While carrying out these outsource activities, acting in the principle that it is the business of the client firm completely, and acting as a unit in the company itself. So, we consider the client companies as our references, not the projects.


We develop our skills day by day to support you in more issues. Don't we have the capability you want? Don't worry about it. Call us, let's talk about what we can do!

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